Without my body, you get to see my mind. Without me able to move I got to figure out who I am inside. I can’t kiss you the way I used to, I can’t get used to it, hurts more than anything for you to see me like this. All I have is my words, with the world at my fingertips. Far away from how you saw me, do you sill see me? Without my body next to you, do you still fell me? I’m lost in the past when you were everything. Forever impacted by your love like a wedding ring. Can you love me without making love? Can you stand by my side even though you’ll be standing alone? Will you finish my sentences when I can’t speak? Give me food for thought when these walls consume me. I’m trapped inside this maze. You are amazing. I can’t think of nothing but you and nothing can save me. You run through my mind, and I can never catch you. I reach out and before I can tag you, you disappear. I just wish it all was a nightmare. Not being able to be myself, I realized, I was paralyzed.