Love is only discovered through trial, through poverty, through absence and whoever remains through sharing with you in pain.
Remember, where we are is not who we are and happiness is a state of being, not a place of being.
Only few love between space and time, only few love in your absence as if you were present and I seek only those few.
I don’t like the temporal things, bonds and affairs. I seek the most endless, the most longest distances in love and togetherness. Stability and longevity is God to me, and we both know we only live once. Why not milk the cow and get lost in the hour glass that is counting down.
A mother’s love helps one carry through.
Ugliness is never inside of you. It’s only been placed on you! Unconsciously adopted and trained in your fibers.
A facade indeed, we all create, make, change and shapes to pathetically be fancied mentally in the hearts of the world, be important and survive!
To control in a relationship means to lose control in one’s self. I can’t steer my whole wheel trying to steer her wheel. Allow her to see the beauty in how I steer my ride then she rides shotgun and how I drive, she begins to choose willingly how I drive.
Sometimes the storm we face in our life is meant to force us to change. To say to us that the old foundations that we have built to our lives are not sufficient and we must not improve in order for us to enjoy a better life.

by Taveuan Williams