Recently I was asked a question. The person said, “Man, I had no idea about this stuff that you are doing.” He proceeded to tell me about how amazing it was. Then he came with a question which I thought was quite apparent by reading the magazine. However, apparently it’s not. That prompted me to write this article because I thought if this guy didn’t get it, other people probably don’t. He asked me, “So what is this doing for people that doesn’t cost money…?” I only had a short time to answer as it was time to go, so the answer seemed insufficient. I said we are helping people and donating. As his reply was barely heard upon walking away, he said, “There should be more about that.” Perplexed at this exchange, my mind pondered this brief encounter, as others have expressed their gratitude in all this has done and continues to do for them. Though we are limited in resources, I feel we have accomplished a great deal up to this point and continue striving to do more. I thought he must not have read the part about the art contest because it doesn’t cost a penny other than the postage to mail it to get a profile on the platform. This guy is an artist himself and would seem supportive of the concept as he would want to contribute. However, I don’t blame this person for not understanding. I need to clarify what is going on here.
The concept of Social Enterprise is to do business while helping people. Generally speaking, a social enterprise will take 50% of profits and put it into the social cause or back into helping people. We are putting 100% of any money made back into the business at this time, on top of a whole lot more additional funds to make this platform take off. Everybody can get onto the platform, and we are doing the in-person event to showcase the positive works and tell the stories. 

Through our network of media outlets, we have collaborated with many organizations and individuals working to establish the brand and gain exposure for all our contributors. While growing the community base of support, we are offering services to incarcerated entrepreneurs that are professional level and quality which we provide at a fraction of the cost that you would find elsewhere.

A lot of hard work and sacrifices have been made to make this possible. A lot more work still needs to be done to get to the position we are striving for. Once we get to that point, we plan to allocate funding into more projects, and assist non-profits. This is not an easy, straightforward business. We are paving a pathway and developing something that doesn’t exist while helping as many people as possible achieve goals. It is a slow growth process to do everything, so please forgive us if we cannot help everybody. The more this grows, the more resources we will have available to make a difference.