Despite growing up in a Christian home, attending church, & even being an Altar boy, it’s safe to say that while I knew about God, I really didn’t know God. By age 17 1 had dropped out of school, had a child on the way and was a full-blown alcoholic. Not long after I was sitting in County jail looking at spending the rest of my life in prison for a theft {hat had gone horribly wrong.

Truth is I wasn’t going to make it. But before I gave up, I cried out to a God that I didn’t know & was pretty sure didn’t know me. I said, “God if you’re real I need something to hold on to.” That night I received a letter from my girlfriend with a picture of our son. She wrote, “I wanted to give you something to hold on to.” The next day the Chaplain at the jail came by my cell and gave me a Bible. He told me that God bad heard my prayer and wanted me to “hold on” to His promises. Wow!!

Sadly, I carried around the guilt & remorse from my actions for another 24 years! But that night I went to church something was different. The message was on God’s love & forgiveness, and it was like the Pastor was speaking directly to me. I found myself getting out of my chair & heading to the altar, with tears streaming down my face. I finally realized I didn’t have to carry my sins anymore. Jesus had taken them ALL upon Himself on the Cross!
That night God turned my mess into a message of His grace, & He’s given me a 2nd chance to be the man, father and grandfather that He called & created me to be. If He did it for me, He can do it for you!
by Michael Lovrick