To: the team at Designed Conviction,
I want to thank you for your hard work, time, and energy with the outlet you have given me and the opportunities that come with it. Each time I get a new magazine in the mail, I get excited, I’m eager to read and see new content from people similarly situated like me.
I find my self reading people’s articles and stories and connecting with their perspectives. I feel as if I could be tagged in to further elaborate on topics that are deep. This platform has many outlets you offered us, its eloquence is heartfelt. expounding on the perspective that art has so many layers, like an onion. my mind first thinks of art as something drawn or painted.
I’ve since been enlightened, that the creative work of art is not only in the eyes of the beholder, but the heart and mind.yet the soul gets sprinkled with joy from so many degrees of separation and yet, carefully tangled in it all is what you have brought to light for us all to share and consume.
I’ve struggled at times to write anything to share, anything I felt had purpose or value. so my outlet has been painting, sharing hours of my brush carefully at work on its canvas. Designed Conviction allowed me an opportunity to test my skill set amongst others in my field. The Al Capone portrait was fun to do and entering it in your contest I felt was a long shot to win. When I found out I had something that deserved the first place trophy, I began to feel a reward far different than just finishing a piece of artwork.
I felt my efforts were appreciated by others, viewed and contemplated as worthy. Inspiration in my surrounding has been difficult to find but you guys never fail to inspire me. Helping publish my first ever book, Prison Lingo101 became a new milestone for me. some of my people, friends, and family both balked at my idea. it fueled my desire even more to complete the venture and reach for more.
my thanks to you and from the many others inside these walls appreciate your dedication. you encourage us to stay motivated and think outside the box. From a dedicated listener, past art contestant winner, and published author thanks to you. I will continue to support, participate, and be inspired by you guys.
sincerely, Will Malicoat