The least of us don’t have cell phones that you can call,
those left behind can’t pay for psychotropic meds to
stabilize their minds.
So, they medicate themselves with wine
or sometimes
Marijuana, cocaine, heroin,
Xanax or “X”.
Their issues are complex,
they have already been put out of their apartment complex.
So, they hustle, steal and prostitute.
Their real problem is that they are unemployable and
Across the country their number has risen,
the taxpayers’ solution has been prison.
But of course,
that was a bad decision.
For them, prison didn’t work,
they came out far worse and emotionally hurt.
We who believe need to be alert,
those are our brothers and sisters sleeping under the
bridge in the dirt.
Please hear and heed their call,
they truly are, the least of us all.
Some of them are too weak and small,
to be exposed to the extreme elements of the weather.
It doesn’t make any sense for this to be happening in our,
Great America.
By Willie Fleming