Growing up I had dirt bikes and my sister always had pets. She had a cat, gerbil, horse, hamster, & a goldfish. I think she even had a pet rock once. But the animal I remember most was her pet rabbit. It was a scrawny little thing that she kept in a cage in the garage, which meant that I would have to pass right by it every day when I would get home from school.
After a couple months of seeing this rabbit stuck in its cage day after day, I began to feel sorry for it. So, one day I got up the courage to set my sister’s rabbit free. I took it out into the back yard, opened the door to its cage and ran back inside. I went back out an hour later and there was my sister’s rabbit still in its cage. This time I picked up the rabbit and set it by the woods and ran back inside. About 2 hours later I went back outside and wouldn’t you know it but there was my sister’s rabbit back in its cage!

That was over 40 years ago, and to this day I still don’t know why my sister’s rabbit went back to its cage. Maybe it was afraid of what was outside of the cage. Maybe it had gotten comfortable with its life in captivity. Maybe, just maybe it didn’t recognize the opportunity the open door represented for a better life.

What door has God opened for you? Don’t be like my sister’s rabbit and let fear, being comfortable, or lack of understanding keep you from stepping out and living the blessed, abundant life that God has called and created for you to live!
by MichaelLovrick