At night a dove glides through the climate, serenading the voids of darkness with its peace.
Mountain tops meet with the elevated affection released from its purity.
The sky grasps the grace spreading love among the relations that creates ecstasy at this moment in time…
Like cupids arrow that engulfs passion in the mind.
Despite the engagements of inevitable joy.
This dove is on a committed mission to accomplish a long life goal.
As every human yearns to capture the heart of their everlasting companion, this dove strives into light years of ambition to procure a diamond where gravity is none other than a ghost. It explores the tempest and sunny days, only to meet its acquirement in the hours of dusk.
Now descending into the earths atmosphere, this dove passes the brightest star, turning dark days into the greatest after undeveloped pleasure occurs.
Only for the one it mates with did it endure the pain and joy of making her happy.
So instead of claiming her to be a beautiful star..”I” brought the biggest to reflect my love for you; very unusual but my love transcends far.
By David C. Robinson