I am a soldier, always at war. I have sweat out the poison, and my heart is strong like the lion. The walls of my prison are thick, but my spirit is free like the eagle. The attempt at conquering my mind, through the theft of my hope, has failed.
My mind is sharp, like the sword I continue to sharpen. I’m surrounded by foes of various forms, seen, unseen. At every minute of every hour of every day.
Impatience, imprudence, distraction, yes, adversity that great hammer set to crush! Becomes the greatest tool, when set before that fantastic chisel, discipline!
Never have I welcomed adversity, yet it stands beside me, always the loyalist friend. So, my loyal friend and I shall build the statue, a strong and noble statue, built from stone of great integrity, standing silently, through all weather. It shall endure!!
By Mike Northcutt