The Strength of a Man

By Avery Williams

What is a man? By definition, one could claim to be one if he met the age requirement. But by character, it is the reflection and proper credibility that is tested to meet this same requirement for one to be properly classified as a man. We go through life against every odd available for us to stumble, and for the most part we do. We gather information from our mistakes, and are supposed to learn from them to eradicate the vicious cycle of repetition.

When we as men confuse being a man with being one of the guys, we will always follow leads of other men, even if we feel as if we are the ones leading. The influence of other men is only a good thing if it corrects broken characteristics, adding a positive balance to life. Bad influence is the death of good character, which can sometimes be the death of an individual if it is not corrected in time.

A productive leader is always attentive when approached by opposing views. Anger must be controlled while this leader stands firm on his own two feet concerning what is right and what is wrong. He is to stand for right even if he is the only man standing. Some situations may require silence, but a firm stand must always be recognizable. In this way, silence will not be confused for weakness, but rather, respected as a quiet strength.

Men find ways to settle disagreements, first, without argument, second, without fighting. If there is no other option (there is always another option), a dignified bout is never too much to handle or even beneath the capabilities of a real man, but he will devise no weapon to make his point.

There is no turning back when finally becoming a man. There is only the promise of more responsibility, more understanding, and more problems. The understanding is for you to get through the tough times, making them a little easier. Also, for assistance with solving the many problems that will arrive, which is a part of the added responsibility. There is not much sleep, but it is well worth it.

I myself, enjoy being a man. It brings me closer to where I need to be. It’s not easy, but it is full of gratifying understanding, which makes up for any and all trouble I might get myself into, or pulled into by some other force, or person.

There is no need to be afraid of becoming your own man. The influence of your “world” can be erased if that is what you know you need, if that is what you may desire. The ways of the system around us is destined to fail because it is not bolted down with the proper foundation of strength that is required to withstand the storms of life. 

Strength is what a man is, but strength starts in the mind, and then the heart, and there it resides even forever. Peace