The Tri-Fecta Written; Aug. 14th, 2017
The ‘Tri-Fecta’, broken pieces, cracked sidewalks, how about shattered glass; They’re all equipped to cause misery and pain, but it’s all about you and how long your misery last. A crack in your life’s armor is not even the beginning of an ending; as long as you don’t lose control and break, there’s nothing wrong with bending. We’re not defined by what’s broken, cracked or shattered; pickin’em up and putin’em down is what matters.
Keeping your eyes on the prize in the light is simple; second guessing yourself in the dark, can keep you from using what’s between your temples. Misery and pain keep us tethered to reality; standing up, staying strong and not giving in, will allow you to achieve in totality. Life is about not refusing to give up, paying your dues and respecting the game; and in return you’ll erase all misery and pain.
Stephen Sugarman Reed
S.V.S.P. C2-128
P.O. Box 1050
Soledad, CA. 93960