This is a fiction story about a guy tired of the life but scared to quit. He finally gets up the courage and maybe you guys could use it.
I wake up next to Amanda like any other day and my craving for meth is stronger than ever, even stronger than my craving for Amanda. I live on a gang infested block and to get to the dope house I have to navigate the sidewalk watching for police and thugs out to jack me, you never know what the journey may hold.
As I go to leave Amanda comes up and says “Babe don’t forget your gun!” I put my pistol on my hip and five her a kiss. I love how my gun feels nestled in my waste band, with one in the chamber and on safety. I swear one of these days I´mma shoot my dick off! As I start to walk down the street I see a cop car turn onto the block, he’s coming for me. I run and duck in a bush. Turns out it wasn’t a cop, it was just a black car, but I stayed in the bush for 20 minutes anyway.
I hate this feeling. I´m paranoid, my heart’s pounding. If I go to jail there will be no Amanda and meth will be hella expensive! I start to think… What if I get clean?… Would Amanda leave me? She’s way outta my league, She’s blonde with green eyes, thick on bottom w/a beautiful smile.
I continue my walk down the street and oh shit, this time there is a cop! I didn’t notice him till he was driving right pass me. We make eye contact, he keeps driving. I´m almost to the dope house and I see dudes start to come out from the side of a house. I go to put my hand on my hip and wake up on the floor getting kicked. Turns out I got hit from behind by a brick. My meth connect comes out and drags me in. He apologies, “Man, Jess I’m sorry! Those are my nephews:” ( I didn´t say nothin, but I knew that and their click. My boy killed 2 of them last week at a party by the park with 12 gauge slugs). They don´t know my face, but I know I´m lucky to be alive! I start to take inventory, my pistols gone, my cash and maybe Amanda´s ass, if I don’t come back with dope. The dope man says “ Bro, don’t trip on cash! I got´chu” As I sit there a little bloody, I think how fed up I am with this life… I want something different, so what if Amanda leaves me. I get up to leave and the dope man says “ Hey, hold up, I got you up bro!” I reply, Nah I’m good! Gracias tho! And I bounce!
As I walk out the guys who jacked me are on the sidewalk and learning up against a car. I´m not mad, I´m happy they took my strap, because really they’re saving my life. I nod and shrug my shoulders as I walk passed. The cold part is one of them is even my cousin. Shits like that in the hood sometimes. If I was further from their uncle’s house, they´d probably shoot me in my back and leave dead on the sidewalk. Man, they can keep that gun and this life, I´m done! As I walk home a car slows and stops in the street. It’s the homie Demon. He said “ Hey fool, get in!. I got the k and I seen them lames up the block!” I tell´em, Nah fool, I´m good! I got things to do! Demon says “ Fuck you then!” and peels out. As I get close to my house I hear Demon unloading his 20 round clip. Yesterday I would of loved to have been there. But today, I´m done!
Arriving at my driveway I see the mailman on the sidewalk. He calls out to me “ Hey Jessie, I got some mail for you!” I’m thinking it’s probably bills or mail from my uncle Pete upstate. After 5 minutes of him digging through his bag, he says “ Sorry, I thought I had for you, but Happy Thanksgiving!”. Just as he says this his eyes bulge as he looks to the street behind me. I turn and see a cop car full of bullet holes with its window shot out, speeding straight for my neighbors 5 year old, little Johnny. I run to grab him and I don´t think I´ll make it! I look at the car as I´m running for Johnny. I see the bumper coming straight for my face, as I scoop down and pick him up. The cop swerves, goes up on 2 wheels and the car starts to flip over and over, landing 4 houses down the block! The neighbors come rushing out of their house. I hand hem Johnny and here comes “Oh my God baby, you´ re bleeding! The neighbors are holding Johnny and thanking me. I tell them it’s fine, just invite me to your next barbecue. I tussle little Johnny’s hair and head back across the street. Amanda says “Baby, I’m so glad you’re okay!” Just then the police and paramedics arrive. They want a statement and to clean up my blood from getting jumped. They attribute it to saving Johnny. Turns out, Demon got in a shootout up the block with the cops and it was him driving the cop car trying to get away, but he didn’t survive the crash.
Just as me and Amanda head back into the house, she says “Baby, I wanna get clean. I don´t wanna live like this anymore. Will you still love me sober?” I told her, Hell Yeah! And asked her did you know it was Thanksgiving? Babe we ain’t ate in 4 days! So we got dressed and went to my grandmas to eat Thanksgiving dinner. As I retold the story of what happened, I said thank God that mailman was there. If he hadn’t stopped me I wouldn’t have been standing there to save Little Johnny. And my Tia Adrian says “Mijo, it’s Thanksgiving, there’s no mail today!” And in unison, we all looked at each other and said “What the fuuuck?”

Fiction By Jessie Milo P40495