I shall proceed in my purpose despite prison’s pugnacious and perverse milieu
I shall never lament about what is lost
I shall labor to love those like me
My legacy will loom large
If I can enlighten those locked up and left behind, I shall encourage, enthuse and enhance
The life of my son and my wife
Even from this enclosure my empire shall excel
My vision for victory shall be voiced over the vicious and vile villains who seek to make me a victim of this vicinity My sight shall sail unrestricted from- the system” s ridiculously sparse, segregated cells
To spearhead spectacular successes in the souls of the forgotten building blocks of society
I shall climb to the feet of Martin, Maya and Malcolm
By every means necessary I ’11 rise again from my cage and sing I have a dream that will mend the lives of the broken men
The gruesomeness of this living graveyard shall not gorge my gait With God as my guide I shall be grand to every man-good when I should
And great when least expected
My journey is to the end
Into eternity
Through the Golden Gates
Into the Pearly Gates
Beyond the seventh level to
To the edge of illuminated light
Where I will kneel and tell Him that though I fell
I still continued to fight.

by Willie Fleming