I commence with my writing, jotting down my notes in compositions log. What was odd was that these thoughts turned broad and pretty soon developed a life form of their own. Born of dust, thus I was made to believe, I was told once that these ideas are not responsible for those who believe.
That same thought grew and what accrued wasn’t a matter of falsehood of truth for truth is what you believe and whether right or wrong, that individual professes his/her own by meshing that same thought and making it belief thought.
The power of words and what you conceive reality is nothing. It’s what you perceive “Manifested Reality” I hold the keys, so even as I struggle to break free from my shell and seek peace from my cell, that fiery flame out of hell, was utilized as a source of enlightenment to light the way so that I don’t dwell.
Positive reinforcement, I reassure myself and tell myself words of encouragement to bouy myself, you might think that I’m so full of myself, but the fact of the matter is that I wasn’t so sure of myself I had to pick myself up and go “Arghh” to myself. I have to geek up myself and tell “I’m enough”.
Domesticated by the gruff, circumstances don’t make the man, it reveals him to himself. People are anxious to improve their circumstances yet not unwilling to improve themselves. I no longer point the finger, for it is easier to change oneself than everybody else.
We teach the children about the wrath of God and so we instill them in fear, instead of love and endearment. I choose to yield on a higher self, for two natures beat within my chest. One malevolent and full of unrest and the other benevolent and blessed, one I cherish with love and the other I perish with hate. The one I feed will dominate.
The essence of life, one of two ways. I had to go through these recourses to find my way. A wise person learns from their mistakes, a wiser person learns from others mistakes.
You are an observer of the human race and by being as tolerant as possible you gain a greater place, to understand people no matter what sex, creed, color or race. We are all people. I place these thoughts on paper, so that I can watch them manifest into something greater.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
by Abdallah Othman AKA Sin G