Dear Reader,

It’s said that “you cannot control every situation you find yourself in, but you only control your reaction to it.” However, thank you in advance for stopping by to examine my introduction. Honestly my intentions are based on pure intent. As you can see I am in a critical place where words are taken for granted, but within my element games and lies don’t exist. It’s very mature and solid on my end. It’s my goal to be a friend that knows how to stay within my means. Now it may take a lot of courage for you to allow me into your comfort zone, but at the end of the day I’m highly real and trustworthy. I can only be my authentic self and nothing less. I never pretend to possess any type of mask o convince you I’m something I’m not. I expect you to be skeptical about my approach, but please understand mentally I’m challenged to most. But I inspire, elevate, and put all anxieties to sleep when need be. I have a sensitive ear, meaningful advice and a shoulder to lean on like a friends suppose to. You’ll realize this in my character and potential. Confidently I’m built to keep my word 100%, my self worth reflects my words, leadership, and loyalty. I’m a college grad and possess lots of knowledge on many levels and the wisdom to execute this when I must. What you see is only a seed that I will properly foster consistently once our journey begins. I’m not looking for help, just an opportunity that only you have the time and strength to grant. Please upon responding on JPay, include your return address.

Until our paths cross,



Tyler Mackyeon TDCJ #1704866

A Hughes Unit RT2

Box 4400

Gatesville, TX 76597