Into the eyes of a deep place I go to drown.

Learning things darkened by the depth of it’s emotions.

Reminding me that some things are unspeakable, like deep in the ocean.
My pain is unspoken…but intentions are seen.
Within those eyes I love;
Beneath my reality I scream.
Crawling in a snake pit of the life I live.
I remain with hope that a blessing will give.
Unspeakable is the horror of my days.
Unspeakable is the love that I gave.
In those eyes I drowned;
As I struggle with my path.
Every man’s desire is to hear that precious little laugh.
Something to soothe the soul…it’ll never be forbidden
on the nights that are cold.
Now where do I go with intentions exposed?
Hopefully somewhere where no one else goes.
It’s emotional, the inflictions untold. Because the pain
unspoken is from those eyes now closed.