I thought I heard a rumbling. Then I thought of coming rain.

Never dreaming what could come of this, of pouring, drenching pain.

The bombs, they must have fallen. The death, it must have come again.

The cold, dark desolation. The choking gases and the killing winds.

Never before had I wondered – Never before had I second-guessed…

The safety and the comfort: the ignorance of my simple bliss.

But now, all that lies in ruin, beneath the dust and the broken glass…

The bombs, they sure have fallen – and they have found my hope and long last.

The tears, too now are falling, just as the bombs fell once before.

And, like the bombs, they’ve fallen just inside my happy door.

Pain is all I know, now as the bombs fall from the skies.

These bloated, raving tears of mine…loaded bombs fall from my eyes.

I was told not to fear this. I was told, “We are safe again”.

But then I heard a rumbling, and the devastation – it has come again.

Just then I heard a screaming, which made me think, could this be mine?

No. I must be dreaming. So long ago, I heard the whine.

The bombs, they have stopped falling. Or so, at least, I must believe…

To retrieve some part of my sanity – some peace, some comfort, a reprieve.

But why can’t anyone hear me? I’m crying out, scorched to the bone.

Lying here and bleeding: Broken, now I’m all alone.

Please, can somebody hear me? And put me out of this horrid misery?

I can’t believe you’ll save me. So, please someone…someone please!

I’ve lost it all but feeling. All I’m asking is mercy now.

I’d give it to myself, believe me, but right now, I don’t know how.

And the bombs, they just keep falling – though they fall not from above.

Soon I’ll feel death calling and I cry to mourn what was.

It’s coming down. I’m screaming, my life, my all – a mere rubble pile!

Please do not just leave me – Just hold my hand for a short, short while.