1) The Time I have wasted is my biggest regret
2) I thought of you today
1) Spent in these places I will never forget
2) Remember the beach?
1) Just sitting and thinking of the things i have done
2) About the things never done again?
1) Now it’s just me
2) You left me alone by the stairs
1) And my hard driven guilt
2) I left when you needed me the most
1) Behind a wall
2) You cried
1) Of emptiness
2) In my shirt that day
1) I allowed to be built
2) You said it smelled like me
1) I am scared
2) Don’t be
1) Alone
2) I stole the brownie
1) I ask myself why
2) It said the world’s best
1) My feelings were lost
2) What happened?
1) Afraid to be shown
2) It was your grandfather, wasn’t it?
1) As I look in the past
2) Strawberry wallpaper, will never be the same
1) Back to my youth
2) Remember the little pieces of us, stored away, kept in a box
1) With its laughter and fun
2) The paper, the picture and the little lyric too?
1) But the chase is over
2) Did you look in that place after
1) Everything is gone
2) You told me we’d meet again
1) Including my pride
2) And it would be the same
1) With reality
2) Pinky swear?
1) Suddenly I miss
2) Right in my face
1) Morning cigarettes
2) The years I’ve wasted
1) Remember the tree
2) Are starting to show
1) The one we sat in?
2) I just live for the day
1) I went back there
2) When I get a new start
1) It wasn’t the same without you
2) I still hold deep
1) You’d stay up late
2) In my heart
1) To make sure I’d make it home, safe
2) I hope I make it
1) You used tilt your chin, and say what’s up
2) I at least have to try
1) I miss that
2) And only regret one thing
1) Because I am heading for death
2) We never watched a sunset together
1) And I don’t want to die!

By Maureen Stryken
And Paul Thorsteinson
1) Mauren’s lines
2) Paul’s lines
Notes from the author: Wasted Sunsets- A poem I wrote with a ghost. The conversation I had with Moe was a poem she wrote months prior to her death. In her poem she talked about change and how she knew if she didn’t, she knew she was going to die. My lines are written in between her lines; it was the only way I knew how to say goodbye.