With the covid19 pandemic plaguing the world, much of our plans to do shows, art gallery exhibits and other in person events were put to a halt. When adversity hits it is important to regroup and figure out how to move forward, so we have. We have focused our time and resources into building a network of digital platforms and putting out good content, all of which are able to better promote the cause, our message and the individuals working hard to do something positive with their time. We have solidified a partnership with formerly incarcerated, country/hip hop rising star Seth Anthony, who was featured on the cover of our last issue. We have an EP in the works with Seth featuring Bubba Sparks. It is very exciting working with Seth and we look forward to dropping the EP.

In other news, we have been striving to figure out a way in which we can provide the best services at the lowest possible rates and deliver results. Please check out our services. We can assure you most of the competition will not deliver results. Our dedicated team understands the marketplace and what it takes to be successful, as does the founder of Designed Conviction. He wrote a book entitled The Convicted Entrepreneur. This book will help you get a leg up on everyone else. If you want to get ahead and better understand how to be successful, this book is a must have.